Looking to reduce your energy expenditures, but not sure how to separate your utility bill from your facility’s remaining energy requirements?

Give us a call, we can perform a safe site visit and an energy analysis by attaching metering devices to all the existing equipment. This will tell us two things, first it tells us what percentage of the energy (KW) your facility is currently using. Secondly, it would tell us how we can improve or upgrade efficiency based on the facility’s needs.

After analyzing the data from our safe site visit we can implement a customized system to your facility that will allow easy management and simplification to your existing systems. Return on investment is our focus — saving you money spent on heating, cooling, and regulation brings allowances to departments that wouldn’t otherwise have additional funding.  to help you analyze the right steps to take today and how to better suit your business moving forward. Keeping a keen eye on your expenditures is the Watchytt way.


Have a need to reduce manpower and automate your operation in order to keep the budget within reason. 

Watchytt has the tools to  automate watering, ventilation and grow light controls; all of which are user friendly and easy to make changes to suit their needs. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to system customization in your facility!

Watchytt can bring simple tools that make a big impact on your facility. Our Watchytt control box can be installed in or near the mechanical room to regulate and automate all associated sensors for the system. The touch screen tablet on the face of the controls box is then programmed to receive and dispense information directly correlated with your facility.  With internet connectivity it can also be viewed remotely from a home office, and should a situation or problem arise, in many cases it can be fixed without traveling to the facility.


Looking to add or upgrade your security features to curtail any unwanted visitors?

At Watchytt we will check every box, cross every “t” and dot every “I” to ensure your facility is safe and secure. It’s more than just being your everyday watch-dog, our systems are set up to allow you to easily manage both the controls system and security systems remotely. While the maintenance and management is easy enough that any business owner can manage it themselves, we are here to ensure your understanding of the systems and to help your business grow.


Got more questions? We’d love to talk! Reach out here

We have a variety of tools that help us analyze your facility to predict potential energy savings. While no system can guarantee an accurate cost savings amount (there are many variables), we can quantify the costs to give you a good estimate for ROI.  30%+ savings is not unusual.

Electronic and mechanical components are guaranteed for 1 year against defects.

Yes we do!  After doing a comprehensive analysis of your facility and components we will set up an appointment with you to review and decide what best options fits your needs.

You can reach out by phone, email, or the contact form on our website.

No, Watchytt is a system designed to self monitor, With its many alarm points and notifications that keep you abreast of any changes or issues around your facility.